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Intel’s got some great ideas. The project codenamed Tiger Rapids is said to be the future of mobile computing. Intel Tiger Rapids is a dual-screen prototype that runs full Windows 10 operating system, has a 7.9-inch LCD on one side and E Ink panel on the other. Intel’s Tiger Rapids, the conceptual prototype, was shown off for the first time at Computex 2018. People familiar with the matter believe that this is could be the evolution of 2-in-1s. It might end up replacing the tablets and laptops in a year or two. The smartphone isn’t quite versatile or comfortable enough for productivity, and a dual-screen device is going to fix this problem. Intel has actually engineered the dual-screen Windows 10, and the company has developed a software to power the E Ink panel. The LCD panel boots Microsoft’s desktop operating system. Intel Tiger Rapids isn’t really attractive, but it’s a prototype device from a chipmaker after all. One screen of the prototype boots Windows 10, so you can run apps such as Word or Excel, the second screen lets you take notes and it would appear on the first screen so that the user can make use of it. For example, if you draw something on the E Link panel, it’ll display on the first screen and it can also turn the handwritten words into texts. More is posted on OUR FORUM.