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Microsoft push Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17128 (RS4) to Fast Ring users PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 23 March 2018 21:13
windows buildMicrosoft has released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview for Insiders on the Fast Ring. Cortana Show Me is a new feature that guides users to Windows 10 settings and allows them to make the needed changes.ShowMicrosoft has released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview for Insiders on the Fast Ring. Cortana Show Me is a new feature that guides users to Windows 10 settings and allows them to make the needed changes. The app is now available for download in the Microsoft Store through this link. In the preview app, Cortana will show you how to change settings step-by-step. In this release, you can launch guides directly from the app homepage, but plans are for future voice entry points. For Insiders, the app is available in English (US and UK) and in German. Microsoft created guides for 15 settings so far but plan to offer more. Build 17128 also removes the watermark, but Microsoft warns this does not mean this is the final build as Microsoft is not done yet. Microsoft is currently in the beginning phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release. Additionally, Microsoft has also released Build 17127 to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring with the ISO for this build expected early next week. We have the list of improvements posted on OUR FORUM.
iOS is now a toxic hellstew PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 22 March 2018 17:59
iOS is now a toxic hellstewI like my iOS products, I really do. Do I like them better than my Android products? Hard to say. It used to be a fairly clear-cut kind of thing. I used to be able to say, definitively, that I enjoyed the iOS experience more than the Android experience. Android, as my ZDNet colleague Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has so famously said, is a "toxic hellstew." iOS, due to its proprietary code and completely closed development model, is supposed to be resistant to the types of issues that Android, due to its open source and licensable nature, is commonplace among its various OEM implementations. This is not to say that Android is a bad operating system. Android is an excellent operating system, and it has far more potential in vertical markets than iOS does because it can be altered. As a business mobile platform, I think Android is an absolutely top notch. And Android phones, dollar for dollar, are increasingly better values than their iOS counterparts. Highly competitive Chinese companies like Huawei, ZTE, and OnePlus which have strong vertical integration are continuously demonstrating that. Learn more on OUR FORUM.
Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 Andromeda is also called “Project AND” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 21 March 2018 21:11

Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 AndromedaYet more news regarding the Andromeda device (Surface Phone / Journal) pops up and this time confirms the existence of such a device. Microsoft is known for providing code names to devices they are working on. For example, the Xbox One X was called Project Scorpio. Today, WalkingCat has tweeted that Andromeda is also called “Project AND”. Project AND may refer to Andromeda which is obvious but it can also be an abbreviation. AND maybe Adaptive Notebook Device which makes sense as Microsoft is aiming it to be a device which can adapt to different situations.The Andromeda device or the Surface Phone as people like to call it will create a whole new category for mobile computing. Microsoft has always envisioned a portable PC with telephony. A device which can adapt to different situations. A PC which is truly mobile. Microsoft is trying to make the PC more mobile. Microsoft has failed in its attempt to take on Android and iOS with its Windows Phone OS and is now trying to stick to what Microsoft does best and make it more mobile. There is more posted on OUR FORUM.

Microsoft proposes using existing commercial aircraft to provide worldwide WiFi PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 13:34
flying wifiScientists from Microsoft Research have proposed using existing commercial aircraft flights and air routes to provide worldwide internet coverage at much lower cost than proposed solutions such as Google’s Project Loon (which uses balloons) and Facebook’s Aquila efforts (which uses solar-powered aircraft). They propose using existing license-free WIFI spectrum and WIFI routers on commercial aircraft which already criss-cross the skies to communicate with repeaters on the ground, and believe they can offer at least some internet connectivity to 80% of the population of Africa at low cost and with existing technology. They additionally propose to use the existing  ADS-B signals from planes as a control channel to ensure that there is a strong link from the plane to the ground and that the stations intelligently wake up and associate to the appropriate AP. We have the full story on OUR FORUM.
Windows 10 Build 17120 is now available for Slow Ring Insiders PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Monday, 19 March 2018 13:15
Windows 10 Build 17120Microsoft has released a new build for the Windows Insiders in the Slow Ring as the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will be released to the public next month. Windows 10 Build 17120 is available for Slow Ring Insiders. The update comes with many fixes and improvements. Microsoft is improving Windows Defender Application Gaurd (WDAG) on the basis of the feedback gathered from the Insiders. Microsoft has also improved the performance of the Windows Defender Application Gaurd by fixing the bugs reported by the beta testers. Microsoft has added a feature that allows users to export or download the files from their browsing session. The company, however, notes that feature must be turned on by the user in Windows 10 Enterprise edition. “Once the feature is enabled, users will be able to download files into a folder created in their Downloads folder and open all files on the host,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program said in a blog post. Microsoft has also explained in the blog post that Windows Mixed Reality platform might not work as expected, for example, the Inbox apps might fail to load occasionally. Windows Mixed Reality could also crash in some cases. The company notes that there are no known issues in this build for general users. Get up-to-date on OUR FORUM.
Windows 10 KB4088787 installation fails on some PCs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 18 March 2018 11:00
windows kb fails Windows 10 KB4088787 fails to install on a number of computers for a reason that’s yet to be acknowledged by the software giant. Microsoft is not aware of any known issues in Windows 10 KB4088787 but the update still fails to install on some PCs and the users are clueless as no solution seems to be working for them. KB4088787 is the cumulative update released for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update devices, and it comes with all important changes. Those who are still using a device with Windows 10 Anniversary Update says that they cannot install KB4088787 which was released by Microsoft as part of the March 2018 Patch Tuesday cycle. Windows 10 KB4088787 fails to install with error ‘we can not finish update’. It’s worth noting that the Windows Update Troubleshooter doesn’t work for the users and since there’s no error code, it’s really not possible to look around the internet for a workaround as the error message is very common. It’s pretty clear that the issue exists as a lot of users on Microsoft’s community forum has confirmed the reports.
Edge hacked in first day of Pwn2Own 2018 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 17 March 2018 16:56
edge browser pwn2ownMicrosoft plans to force users that use the Windows Mail app to open web links in Edge, but just a day earlier there was a good example of why this was a bad idea, as Edge was one of the first browsers to fall in this year’s Pwn2Own hacker contest. At the 11th annual Pwn2Own contest, being held during the CanSecWest 2018 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia hacker Richard Zhu managed to pwn Microsoft Edge by using two browser and kernel bugs, winning him $70,000. “In the end, he used two use-after-free (UAF) bugs in the browser and an integer overflow in the kernel to successfully run his code with elevated privileges. The dramatic effort earned him $70,000 and 7 points towards Master of Pwn,” notes ZDI. Zhu had earlier on the same day tried to hack Apple’s Safari browser but failed. Safari did, however, fall later the day to Samuel Groß, who “used a combination of a JIT optimization bug in the browser, a macOS logic bug to escape the sandbox, and finally a kernel overwrite to execute code with a kernel extension to successfully exploit Apple Safari.”
Windows 10 Mobile is receiving new cumulative updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 16 March 2018 18:22
windows 10 mobileMicrosoft couple of days ago released Windows 10 Cumulative updates for all the versions of the operating system. The company released many fixes and improvements for Windows 10 users who have installed Fall Creators Update on their devices. The update was rolled out as part of the Patch Tuesday and contained lots of fixes and improvements for Windows 10 PC and Tablet users with version 1709. However, Microsoft against its regular trend of releasing Patch Tuesday updates to PC and Mobile had not released any new cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile. Today the company decided to roll out a new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Mobile users who have Fall Creators Update installed on their devices. The previous Mobile update had brought a minor issue with users complaining that they have not been able to open PDF files in Microsoft Edge. This was a minor issue which Microsoft took almost a month to fix for Windows 10 Mobile users since the development of Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a priority for the company. The new cumulative update with version 15254.313 is being rolled out to all Mobile users with version 1709 installed on their devices. The update contains a fix for the PDF rendering issue which was reported a month ago. Along with fixing the PDF lingering issue, the company is also rolling out all the improvements from Build KB4088782 which is the same build which was released a couple of days ago for users with version 1703 installed on their PCs. Complete details posted on OUR FORUM.

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