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Title: Check out the Microsoft Tips app
Post by: javajolt on April 10, 2017, 10:41:09 PM
From tips on the Start Menu or even the Share UI, there is no shortage of pop up suggestions in Windows 10. While some have labeled these suggestions as “ads,” Microsoft recently published a post highlighting the Microsoft Tips app, a Windows Store application which is jam-packed with tips, tricks and everything you need to know about the latest updates to Windows.

With the app, you will be able to check out tips how you can enhance your browsing in Microsoft Edge, learn more about Cortana, and how you can personalize the Windows 10 OS to your own needs. With you first open the app, you will land on the Welcome page, which features quick tips, videos, and other cool tidbits of Windows 10 information. You can then click on buttons and go right into your system settings for a more hands-on approach. There are a wide variety of topics, including how to get connected, set up Windows Hello, how to save and sync content, change account settings, and much more.

Microsoft Tips

According to Microsoft, the Tips app knows which PC you’re working with, so you can find tailored information for your device. Specifically, if you’re using a Surface Book or Surface Pro, you can open the app and navigate to the lower left-hand side to the “Surface Book/Surface Pro” category for some tailed Surface information.  If this app is not already pre-installed on your device, you can head to the link below to check it out! Once you’ve checked it out, let us know how you find the app experience by dropping us a comment below!

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