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Title: Google On-Ear Headphones Possibly Coming Soon
Post by: javajolt on April 26, 2017, 10:16:26 PM

Google is no stranger to making hardware products. It made the great Pixel smartphone, the Chromecast dongle, Google Home, and more. It appears that the company has made something that weíve not seen it before. Google has apparently come up with a pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones. The Google-branded on-ear headphones have been spotted out of the blue in a recent FCC filing.

It's surprising to see this product that might possibly be launched in the near future. We have heard absolutely no rumors about it at a time when there are plenty of rumors about new Pixel smartphones and Google Home/Google Wi-Fi devices.

The headphones have only been identified by ďGID5BĒ in the filing. Images included in the filing reveal that it has a power button on one side and a Google logo. Itís also mentioned that these headphones have support for Bluetooth and itís not immediately clear whether they have an integrated microphone as well.


There also appears to be an AUX connector for those who donít want to use Bluetooth functionality. The user manual included in the filing shows that the headphones have a 600mAh battery and a microUSB port for charging.

Whether or not Google actually releases this remains to be seen, Perhaps it might bundle them with another product. It wouldnít make sense to launch standalone headphones that donít even have Google Assistant baked in, let alone more recent ports like USB Type-C.