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Title: InnCable is an Android PC in an Ethernet/HDMI cable
Post by: javajolt on June 27, 2017, 06:19:08 PM
Itís been a few years since the first PC-on-a-stick devices hit the streets. While these tiny computers have gotten more powerful over time, at least one company is shooting for smaller size rather than more power.

The InnCable ( is basically an Android PC box stuffed into a cable.


At one end of the InnCable thereís an Ethernet connector that you can plug in to supply power and network access. At the other is an HDMI connector that you can use to hook up a TV.

If the TV supports power delivery via HDMI, the InnCable can draw power that way instead of using Power Over Ethernet. And thereís a micro USB port that lets you use a standard 5W USB adapter.

Thereís also support for WiFi networks if Ethernet isnít available.

The InnCable product comes from a company called InnSpire, and if the name wasnít a giveaway, the company is initially targeting hotels. The idea is to provide a cheap solution that hotels can use to let customers do things like order room service or stream media from the TV in their room using Android-based software with a custom user interface.

InnSpire says the system works with an RF remote control that doesnít require line-of-sight, so the InnCable can be hidden away behind a TV.

Eventually, the company could offer a version for other industries and/or a consumer-oriented version of the InnCable.

InnSpire hasnít provided detailed specs for the device, but itís described as a fanless product with dual USB ports, no moving parts, an RJ-12 serial port, a ďblazingly fast processor,Ē (which Iíd take with a grain of salt), and support for Dolby (AC3) audio.



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