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Title: Underwater Tablet Debuts in Finland, With Working GPS and Touchscreen
Post by: javajolt on October 13, 2017, 12:38:31 PM

While some of us are still blown away by the fact you can use the HTC U11 flagship underwater by squeezing its edges, others want to use tablets underwater. Finnish startup Alleco has you covered, as theyíve been working on an underwater slate. It has both a working GPS and a fully functional touchscreen.

The company was founded by divers and it produced the new device known as Alltab. Itís supposed to help expert divers with their underwater work and research. I bet that James Cameron is super thrilled about this product. It should be used for complex navigation and note taking. The Alltab is actually a sort of big shell, a ďjacketĒ if you want that for now only holds the Galaxy Tab S2 8 inch inside.


It can also be configured with other tablets and connected to external devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. The Alltab is rated to 90 meters of depth usage and itís targeted at military and commercial divers. Recreational divers could also make good use for it. Another superior version is in the works, a PRO model rated for a 150 m depth usage and it can even be used with or without gloves.

The device seems to sport big and comfy external (physical) buttons and while we donít have a price for it, Iím sure itís hefty. Features include a rugged construction, wireless charging, data gathering software and the Allhub Internet and GPS system. It can even be hooked up to an external action camera. You can get one here (

Here's the full video

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