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Title: Windows 10 v1803 creates an extra Disk Partition How To Fix
Post by: riso on May 05, 2018, 06:22:32 PM
After updating windows i now have a Local Disk D: partition showing in 'This PC' wondering where it came from and what it is for?  To fix the issue, try the following suggestions:
1] Hide the logical drive
The drive is necessary to recover Windows 10, but it virtually occupies space. We could hide the partition so that it doesnít appear in File Explorer.
However, if you actually want to remove the extra partition, it isnít possible through Disk Management. They donít show the option for the same. You may need to follow these suggestions.
2] Using third-party software to delete it
While the Disk Management might not work, third-party Partition Manager software will be able to help you delete the partition.
3] Use Diskpart
You could use an elevated Command Prompt instead of Disk Management to shrink/remove the extra partition. Execute the following commands:
list volume
select volume <the volume in the drive>
remove letter=X:Exit

Here X: is the Drive letter.
This step will remove the surplus partition and resolve the issue.
4] Remove the MountPoint
Right-click on Start and select Command Prompt (administrator).
Type the command mountvol X: /D and press Enter, where X: is the Drive letter.

Hope this works for you.