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Title: Microsoft enables Tracking Prevention by default in new Microsoft Edge
Post by: javajolt on August 10, 2019, 06:27:49 PM
After demoing the Tracking Prevention feature at build 2019, Microsoft launched an experimental preview of the feature in Edge Preview builds. The feature was first made available behind a flag, today we noticed Tracking Prevention is enabled by default in Edge Dev and Canary builds and set to “Balanced” Setting, this means you no longer need to visit Edge flags page to enable the feature.

What is Tracking Prevention?

Microsoft says the feature is “designed to protect you from being tracked by websites that you aren’t accessing directly”. We can simply say the Edge with the Tracking Prevention enabled, blocks trackers and third-party tracking cookies, so you’ll see fewer ads targeted at you.

Microsoft’s Tracking Prevention feature works like Tracking Protection in Firefox, but the former relies on ” Trust Protection Lists”. According to Microsoft Eric Lawrance, the Trusted Protection List contains a list of known trackers and organizational lists and is derived from Mozilla’s Content blocking list, which is also obtained from’s lists.

So can we say both Firefox Tracking Protection and Edge Tracking Prevention same? Maybe not, there could be implementation differences.

The feature is available in three modes in Microsoft Edge browser: Basic, Balanced and Strict.

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Basic TP prevents malicious trackers but allows some that can show relevant ads to you based on browsing history.

Balanced TP is recommended and default setting blocks malicious and third-party trackers so you may see less relevant ads.

Strict TP setting, when enabled, blocks most of the trackers, but there is a downside also, some websites may break.

The page info bubble on the active website displays info on the number of trackers blocked on a page and lets you turn tracking prevention on or off for that website.

Till now to enable Tracking Prevention in Edge, you need to visit edge://flags page and search for “Tracking” and then need to enable “Microsoft Edge tracking prevention”, which no longer required in Edge Dev and Canary builds, the feature is turned on by default and set to Balanced mode.

If you now set TP flag to default and visit” Privacy and services” Settings after a restart, you can notice the feature as active in Settings.

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