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Title: Microsoft Edge browser is getting vertical tabs, password monitor, and more
Post by: javajolt on March 30, 2020, 10:08:17 PM
Earlier this year Microsoft began rolling out the new version of its Edge web browser that’s based on Google’s open-source Chromium browser. And honestly, in a lot of ways, the new Edge feels like Chrome with a fresh coat of paint on top.

But Microsoft has been developing new tools that help set it apart, and the company is promising to deliver several significant new features in the coming months.

For example, users will soon be able to stack their browser tabs vertically instead of horizontally, use a new “smart copy” feature to copy and paste web content without losing rich formatting, and get an alert if you’re using a website password that’s known to have been compromised.


Here are some of the new features coming to the Chromium-based Edge browser:

Vertical tabs – Move your tab bar to the side of the screen with a click to make it easier to see which
   tabs are open (coming to Insiders “in the next few months”).

Smart copy – Copy and paste web content without losing the formatting (coming to Insiders next

Password Monitor – If any of your saved username and password combinations are found “on the dark
   web,” the browser will alert you (coming to Insiders “in the next few months).

inPrivate search with Bing – Use Microsoft’s search engine while in private mode without saving your
   search history (available now to Insiders, coming to Stable channel “soon).

Microsoft also notes that Edge’s Collections feature, which lets you save content from multiple web pages in one place, is coming to the mobile versions of the browser this spring. And Edge’s Immersive Reader mode, which is already available, will be picking up new features including “line focus” soon.

Here’s an animation showing what it looks like when you switch between vertical and horizontal tabs:


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