Author Topic: Tiny10 23H2 is out—a lightweight and modern Windows 10 with multiple improvement  (Read 180 times)

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Windows 10 and 11 are not the most compact operating systems—minimum hardware requirements demand at least 20GB of free disk space, which make modern Windows versions harder to run on less capable devices. This is where projects like tiny10 and tiny11 save the day, bringing you lightweight and debloated operating systems without sacrificing compatibility or key features. The latest tiny10 release, version 23H2, is now available for download with numerous improvements over the previous editions.

According to @NTDEV_, the project's creator, tiny10 23H2 resolves multiple "nagging issues" from older versions. Rebuilding tiny10 with a new tool also improved compatibility with most Windows components, allowing customers to install extra features, such as Windows Media Player, whenever necessary. Also, NET Framework 3.5 is fully functional again.

To ensure tiny10 takes as little space as possible on your drive, the developer removed a few extra features, such as rarely used OCR and Tablet PC Math. Despite being significantly lighter than its "vanilla" counterpart, tiny10 does not compromise security—the standard Windows security bits, such as Microsoft Defender and BitLocker, are still there.

You can download tiny10 23H2 (built upon version 19044.3324) from the Internet Archive. For now, it is only available in the x64 variant, so those needing an x86 image should resort to tiny10 version 2303 from May 2023. Another thing worth noting is that you still need a genuine Windows key to activate the operating system (older Windows 7 and 8.1 keys should work just fine).

Finally, always mind the potential risks of using a modified Windows ISO and ensure you trust its source before installing.