Author Topic: Microsoft apps on Windows 11 22H2 experience issues after restoring system  (Read 94 times)

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A current bug affecting different Windows 11 applications now can cause them to encounter various issues after a system restore is performed. The problems range from crashes to launch failures and more. Microsoft is now aware of the problem and suggests different workarounds for the problem. However, there is no clarity on whether a permanent solution is now in the works.

According to Microsoft, the problem specifically happens to devices running on Windows 11 22H2, which covers Windows 11 22H2 SE, Home, Pro, Enterprise, Enterprise Multi-Session, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions. As for the apps, the Redmond company says that it is limited to Microsoft apps, such as Notepad, Paint, Office, Cortana, and Terminal. It notes that the list is long, given that the bug affects “any Windows applications that use the MSIX Windows app package format.”

Meanwhile, symptoms of the problem may vary differently from one user to another. Some of the experiences mentioned by Microsoft include an error message reading “This app can’t open,” multiple entries of the app on the Start menu, and an unresponsive app. The software company says that there are instances when users may also encounter an I/O error, which will be followed by an unresponsive app behavior and then a crash. In some cases, apps on affected devices may not work on the first try but will soon function after restarting them. Microsoft that aside from these symptoms mentioned, there are more other users could experience.

Currently, no statement from the company confirms if a fix is on the way, but it offers some quick and easy workarounds affected users can try. Aside from restarting the problematic Windows apps, it recommends running Windows Update and re-installing the apps from the Windows Store or the original source from which it was first installed.

Aside from this problem, different reports from Windows admins and users say they are now experiencing unresponsive Windows taskbar and Start Menu and login issues in Outlook and Teams. Others add that they are also encountering app launch failures, broken Windows Search, and Azure Active Directory login issues. This separate problem is now under investigation by Microsoft, which hopefully will provide updates soon.