Author Topic: PowerToys' upcoming tool will help you use PowerShell  (Read 118 times)

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PowerToys' upcoming tool will help you use PowerShell
« on: January 04, 2024, 03:14:14 PM »

Microsoft is getting ready to ship a new update for PowerToys, everyone's favorite set of utilities for Windows 10 and 11. Version 0.77 should introduce a new tool called "Command Not Found," and, according to developers, it will help you use PowerShell by suggesting packages to install upon detecting mistyped commands.

Command Not Found. A PowerShell module that detects an error thrown by a command and suggests a relevant WinGet package to install, if available.

There are several ways PowerToys Command Not Found can help you use PowerShell in Windows 10 and 11. It will alert you about a missing component and suggest installing it using winget. For example, executing the "code" command will result in PowerShell offering you the option to install Visual Studio Code. Also, it will track typos and suggest corrections.

Unlike other utilities, Command Not Found will be turned off by default. Enabling it will also require installing PowerShell 7.4.

Additional changes in the upcoming PowerToys update should include the ability to change language, support for more mathematical symbols for Quick Accent (a tool that lets you quickly input accented symbols), better UI for Color Picker, and a few small changes, such as a spinning cog when clicking the general option button.

Microsoft is also working on improving the Keyboard Manager, a module for customizing shortcuts and remapping keys. A future update will let you bring URLs and apps to various shortcuts to speed up opening websites or applications.

You can download PowerToys for free from the Microsoft Store or GitHub. Alternatively, launch Windows Terminal and type winget install powertoys. Developers and enthusiasts can track the project's development and contribute to it on GitHub.