Author Topic: Microsoft quietly begins selling Xbox Series S Toaster for $40  (Read 216 times)

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Microsoft quietly begins selling Xbox Series S Toaster for $40
« on: January 04, 2024, 03:29:18 PM »

At E3 2021, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. As evident by the name and images, the mini fridge's design closely resembles the Xbox Series X. The company is now extending the Xbox brand beyond gaming consoles into small home appliances. The latest Xbox-branded kitchen device is the Xbox Series S Toaster.

Modeled after Microsoft's Xbox Series S console in its compact rectangular design and black color scheme, the toaster incorporates Xbox design elements such as a prominently placed air vent. At 15 inches wide and just under 8 inches tall, the toaster is instantly recognizable to fans.

However, this is not just an aesthetically pleasing device—the Xbox Series S Toaster packs serious toasting power under the hood. It features six adjustable browning levels, defrost and cancel functions, and a built-in countdown so you'll always know when your toast is ready.

Perhaps most exciting is the toaster's ability to imprint the iconic Xbox logo right onto your bread. The toaster also promises user-friendly functionality like an anti-jam function, automatic temperature control, and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Keep a list of everyone's settings to score the group breakfast bonus. The countdown timer lets you know how much longer until your toast pops up. No more breakfast-induced jump scares or trying to spread butter on bread that's already gone cold because you were trying to find a good save point. But wait—here's more. It imprints the Xbox sphere logo on your bread while it's heating it. It's the next generation toasting console.

The toaster is currently available at select retailers such as Walmart for $39.99 (spotted by X user Wario64). While this is the latest product, it seems that more Xbox kitchen appliances could be in the works if the toaster proves to be a success. Nevertheless, one thing is clear—Microsoft wants to be at the center of your living space too, and not just your gaming one.