Author Topic: Here is when Microsoft Build 2024 conference could happen  (Read 63 times)

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Here is when Microsoft Build 2024 conference could happen
« on: February 05, 2024, 10:28:39 PM »

Microsoft holds multiple events every year to announce new products and what’s working on. This year will be no exception, as the software giant is expected to hold three major events in the next few months to release new hardware and share with people what the company is working on.

The first major Microsoft event is expected to happen in March, where the company is said to launch new Surface hardware. A couple of months post-March will also witness lots of exciting announcements from the Redmond tech giant, especially for software engineers and web developers. Microsoft might hold its annual Build 2024 developer conference on May 21 and continue till May 23, according to renowned Microsoft leaker WalkingCat (@_h0x0d).

WalkingCat has an exceptional track record of revealing important dates in Microsoft’s calendar even before the company makes them official. In fact, the Surface hardware event that will take place in March was leaked by the same person. Therefore, the chances of WalkingCat getting the dates of Build 2024 right are very high.

However, it’s too early to know what major announcements we’ll see from Microsoft at the three-day-long event. Of course, there will be AI announcements, perhaps how developers can make use of it to build for Windows and other Microsoft products. We’d also love to see a glimpse of the “next version of Windows”, which may be called Windows 12, at the event.

Build 2024 event will be in person, and the press will be invited. But general people will also be able to watch it live on the official Microsoft website. The company might also stream it live on other platforms, including YouTube and X. We’ll get more clarity on all those details when Microsoft officially announces the dates for the Build 2024 developer conference.