Author Topic: Lead Smart: How to Build and Lead Highly Productive Teams  (Read 104 times)

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Lead Smart: How to Build and Lead Highly Productive Teams
« on: February 12, 2024, 08:42:38 PM »
The simple truth is that leadershave never felt so distracted, so overwhelmed and so unable to find the time they need to make a real impact. In Lead Smart, productivity expert Dermot Crowley delivers proven strategies for cutting through the busyness and working and leading more effectively, maximising productivity for you and your team. You’ll discover specific actions and solutions for shifting your focus from activity to impact — so you can direct your energy to the opportunities and challenges that matter the most.

With Lead Smart, you’ll learn how to make productivity your central priority, so you can maximise your own time as well as that of your people. To be an effective leader, you need to protect your time to think, to plan, to make good decisions and to provide clear direction. You need to be responsive and available, so you can empower your team to act in line with your organisation’s goals. And you need time to coach and mentor your people, leveraging their skills, capacity and productivity.

Lead Smart shows you how to:

• Level up your time management and personal productivity, so you can minimise distractions and noise

• Streamline how you interact with your team and delegate more effectively

• Lead the team culture from the top down when it comes to aligning priorities, managing urgency and fostering accountability

• Boost your team’s productivity by building conviction, effectively negotiating workloads and deadlines and
   protecting the team from outside distraction

• Inspire a wider cultural change around workload productivity in your organisation through your commitment to an elite productivity philosophy

This moment in time, when we are defining a new way of working, is an opportunity for managers, leaders and executives to reflect on old mindsets, habits and behaviours. Lead Smart is the book you need to upgrade how you use your time, energy and focus to better thrive and inspire as a leader.

Download below to learn more.

Follow this link to get your copy of "Lead Smart: How to Build and Lead Highly Productive Teams" for this free guide. Following this link will redirect you to my One Drive account and click on Download. [system administrator]