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Windows 12 is expected for the fall of 2024. Artificial intelligence, video games and a renewal of the layers of the operating system will be some of the improvements that have been leaked could reach the new Windows.

Microsoft is preparing the launch of its next operating system, Windows 12after three years of service with Windows 11. Although the official release has not yet been announced, rumors indicate that the new operating system will take capabilities to a higher level and focus on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

Although the exact release date has not been revealed yetrumors point to a fall 2024 release. Microsoft is expected to introduce the new Windows 12 operating system along with a host of new devices in October 2024.

Windows 12, known internally as “Next Valley” or “Hudson Valley”, will include the integration of AI into native system applications such as photo editing and file organization. This will enable the system to make smart photo edits and help users organize their files more efficiently.

Another important change will be the renewal of the fundamental layers of the operating system to modernize it and improve security. This update, called “CorePC”, will make Windows 12 more modular and adaptable to each device.

The modular approach will also facilitate simplified installation of updates, since the CorePC partition will be separate from Windows folders, Program Files, and user data. These changes will pave the way for a more fluid and efficient system in the future.

Focused on better performance for video games
Windows 12 will also focus on gaming, incorporating features from the Xbox to the operating system. The “Quick Resume” feature will allow users to pause and resume games almost instantly. In addition, an optimized interface for portable game consoles such as ROG Ally or Steam Deck is expected.

A major DirectX update is also on the way with Windows 12, with possible integration of a standard API for supersampling techniques such as AMD FSR, Nvidia DLSS, and Intel XeSS. This will facilitate the work of developers and improve the gaming experience for users.

Microsoft has been working on optimizations for the ARM platform since 2020, following Apple’s lead. Windows 12 is expected to continue these improvements and allow other competitors like MediaTek to offer their chips as well, breaking Qualcomm’s exclusivity with Windows.

A Windows 11 update
While Windows 12 could be a big update to Windows 11, significant changes are expected. Microsoft could adjust the minimum technical requirements to run the system, just like it did with Windows 11 by requiring a newer processor. The integration of AI-related features could justify more up-to-date and optimized hardware support for the new system.

Interested users they will be able to test the new functions of the system through the Windows Insider program in its beta version. However, it should be noted that these versions may be unstable and not all new features tested by Microsoft will necessarily make it to the commercial version.
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