Author Topic: Apple iPad Pro goes on sale Nov 11th for $799 and up  (Read 1102 times)

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Apple iPad Pro goes on sale Nov 11th for $799 and up
« on: November 09, 2015, 05:07:32 PM »
A Surface 4 Pro Wannabe

Apple’s biggest iPad yet launches this week. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro will be available for order from starting November 11th, and it should be available in retail stores later in the week.

Prices start at $799 for a WiFi-only model with 32GB of storage.

Apple will also offer a model with 128GB of storage and 4G LTE for $1079. Don’t need LTE? For $949 you’ll be able to grab a WiFi-only iPad Pro with 128GB of storage,

Other accessories including the $99 Apple Pencil and $169 Smart Keyboard also go on sale this week.

The iPad Pro has a 2732 x 2048 pixel display, an Apple A9X processor, four speakers, an 8MP camera, 802.11ac WiFi, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It can do anything a smaller iPad can, but the 1.6 pound tablet has 4GB of RAM, which is twice as much as any other iOS device to date.

That should help with multitasking and with resource-intensive tasks: while Apple doesn’t position the iPad Pro as a tablet that can fully replace a laptop (the way some companies do), the company is pushing this as a “pro” tablet that you can use to get work done.

The Apple Pencil turns it into a graphics tablet, and the Smart Keyboard lets you use the iPad Pro as if it were a laptop… that just happens to run iOS instead of OS X.