Author Topic: Windows 12 is allegedly already on the way  (Read 320 times)

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Windows 12 is allegedly already on the way
« on: August 03, 2022, 08:24:03 PM »
■ Many of us have just managed to get accustomed to the new Windows 11 OS.

■ However, reports indicate that Windows 12 could already be in development.

■ Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed these rumors but there are hints that prove it.

■ It's still too early to tell and we might not even see it until maybe early 2030.

Although it might be weird to bring this up, seeing how we just went through everything that comes with a new operating system, Microsoft is apparently already working on a new one.

This might confuse a few people, as the Redmond tech giant said that Windows 10 would be the last ever Windows created by the company.

However, on October 5th, 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 to the world, thus showing everyone that they weren’t done with their signature OS.

But what if we told you that there’s also a Windows 12 in the works? As funny and outrageous as it sounds, it appears that this is what happens behind closed doors at Redmond.

Update: It seems that the likelihood of us receiving Windows 12 in the near future is not as farfetched as we initially thought.

Apparently, Microsoft is changing the way it releases major versions of the Windows OS again, and it could mean we see a Windows 12 release in 2024.

Recent reports indicate that the tech giant is shifting back to a three-year release cycle for Windows, which means the next major version of Windows could become a reality in 2024.

You surely remember that, originally, the company moved away from its three-year cycle with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, instead prioritizing the concept of Windows as a service.

That being said, many of the features that were planned for the now-scrapped Sun Valley 3 client release will ship as part of one of these Moments on top of Sun Valley 2, instead of in a dedicated new release of the Windows client in the fall of 2023.

We were just talking about SunValley 3 when we showed you the latest Windows 11 Insider Release Preview Channel.

Several tech websites now claim that Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows already, even though it just put out a major OS four months ago.

And although sources are not yet revealed, they all state that this information is coming from Microsoft. Allegedly, Windows 12 will be a very different operating system.

Apparently, the tech giant even plans to drop part of the old foundation of Windows that is part of all versions of the operating system, including Windows 11.

Besides that, Windows 12 will require a Microsoft Account for Home and Pro users, the Microsoft Pluton security chip, and there are parts and bits of Windows 10X that will supposedly be used.

Also, TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot will play a larger role than they do now, so we’re thinking that the company is going to take security a lot more seriously this time around.

However, it seems a bit unlikely that Microsoft will remove core backward compatibility features or plan to push the next Universal Windows Platform again to get rid of Win32 once and for all.

As we mentioned, Redmond officials have not yet confirmed any of this outside of new job postings, and there’s really not much to go on for the time being.

Windows 10 will still receive support until 2025, and if Windows 11 just started its journey so it’s a bit early for us to wrap our heads around the idea of dealing with yet another Windows OS.

The earliest mentions of Windows 12 date all the way back to April 2020, when the Redmondmag wrote about it, but everyone thought this was just a hoax, nothing more.

We’ve come a long way since and there’s a Windows 11 now, so we’re just going to have to wait and see what Microsoft plans and if these rumors will actually materialize into something real.

SwiftOnSecurity deleted their first Windows 12-related tweet, through which they let people know that a new OS is coming.

In exchange, they posted a new one that is meant to be an apology for the joke they previously made, regarding Microsoft working on a new operating system.

If they do, we could be looking at a 2030 release date for Windows 12. However, if there’s anything Microsoft taught us, is that even when things seem pretty close, they can be so far away.