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Author Topic: Windows 12 - codenamed Next Valley  (Read 57 times)

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Windows 12 - codenamed Next Valley
« on: October 09, 2022, 04:47:44 PM »

Windows 12 (codenamed Next Valley) is the twelfth major release of Windows from its predecessor Windows 11.

Change list

• Wide amount of customization options for the start menu and UI including different themes to choose (Including Classic, Metro, MDL2, Aero & Fluent from Windows 11).

• A successor to DreamScene.

• The Setup & Recovery screen gets an overhaul since Windows 8

• Reintroduction of desktop widgets instead of having them in the taskbar as seen in Windows 11.

• Further legacy features overhauled or removed from the source code.

   ○ dialer.exe was removed from Windows 12 but gets a UWP overhaul called Phone that supports cellular
      laptops (which got more popular), Samsung phones and tablets with cellular running One UI 6.1 (based on
      Android 14.0 "Upside Down Cake”), and dial up (via a downloadable plugin), and has features from
      Windows XP’s dialer returned. Now on dial up, you can actually speak and listen.

• About Windows becomes a UWP application that can be accessed from the start menu (The Win32 version gets an overhaul though but can still be accessible from pressing Win+R and type in winver.exe on the text box)

• Version string for the Windows version in code and as in About Windows makes a jump from 10.0 to 12.0

• Windows Subsystem for Android gets upgraded to Android 15.0 "Vanilla" from Android 14.4 “Upside Down Cake” and gains Google apps, installed optionally due to privacy reasons.

• Windows Phone apps can now be installed and run as a tribute to Windows Phone via an Easter egg in the command line. Later they added support to mirror to a Samsung (One UI) device.


Microsoft announced that a newer major version of Windows would come after Windows 11 after the support for the RTM version 21H2; said version would be both free upgrade and capable of fresh installation like Windows 11. The first versions would be available to be tested via the Windows Insider Program as an upgrade from Windows 11 if the device was compatible. Development likely began in early 2022, perhaps involving the Copper builds of Windows 11.

List of known builds

Build 24780.1000 (2024-03-11)

The first build for insiders would be announced in the Windows Insider blog page, announcing Windows 12 and what it could become in the future. This became the earliest build of the Insider program.

Build 24800.100 (2024-04-15)

Minor release. Correction of major bugs regarding latency issues on games and productivity applications, and other issues on older processors that were prior to 2018 CPU releases.

Build 24810.1000 (2024-04-26)

Overhauled WinPE and recovery UI based from Fluent design language seen on Windows 12. Further optimization was made for older devices to run animated wallpapers in the background without disturbing gaming/application performance.

Build 24820.50 (2024-08-26)

Windows 12 is announced on social media. Beta Channel insiders are now able to test the build that will receive cumulative updates until general availability. This included the major features mentioned above and major optimizations with newer and slightly older devices.

Build 24820.75 (2024-09-01)

Cumulative update with minor fixes for Windows 12.

Build 24820.140 (2024-09-10)

Cumulative update with minor fixes for Windows 12. This would include major things seen from the Dev builds too and more.

Build 24820.200 (2024-09-28)

General Availability build of Windows 12. Computers manufactured from the date onwards would come preinstalled with this operating system.

Build 25060.2 (2025-07-26)

Added support for emergency alert system notifications but made it unintuitive like a normal notification, however also comes when do not disturb or Full-screen is on. Clicking on it displays the full text and metadata. AMBER alerts were not added due to being impractical, as they are not in their car.