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Author Topic: Could this be Windows 12 or the Next Valley update from Microsoft?  (Read 100 times)

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Microsoft is reportedly working on the successor to Windows 11 and it could be called Windows 12. Well, whatever it may be christened as, in the inner circles, it is believed to be known as the Next Valley update of Windows. Now even though the details around the next big Windows update are scanty, a recent spill by the company shows us fresh design elements which could very well be of Windows 12.
We got the first look at this new Windows UI during Microsoft's presentation at Ignite 2022 event. The first thing we noticed was the floating taskbar which looks similar to a macOS dock. It appears different from the traditional Windows taskbar which itself has come a long way since the early days of Windows. Next, we see the system icons like time and date at the top right corner. Meanwhile, the weather icon is present at the top left corner. Last but not least, the search bar is also present in the top center bar. All of these things put the new Windows design far from Windows 11 and closer to the macOS design language. As per Zac Bowden from Windows Central, this new UI is “representative of the design goals that Microsoft is hoping to achieve with the next version of Windows.”
Now the reason we assume this to be Windows 12 is because of Mr. Bowden’s claim that Microsoft has dropped Windows 11 23H2 update and the company will be returning to a 3-year development cycle. This forthcoming Windows update could offer a Windows 7-like refinement for Windows 11. Or so is being expected. Let's see.