Author Topic: Hide Private Files and Folders with Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.3.9 For Free  (Read 161 times)

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Wise Folder Hider Pro is a free tool for a secure means of hiding private files and folders. Locking private files with a password often draws more attention to them, so why not hide all your sensitive data altogether with Wise Folder Hider, which is best for the job.

Install this free tool, create a password, then either drag a folder in the software window or choose the hide folder option on the program toolbar or just right-click a folder that you wish to hide and choose ‘Hide Folder with Wise Folder Hider’.

Not just for hiding folders, you can use this application to hide files in a folder either by clicking the Hide File button from the program menu or drag and drop files into the program window.

Items hidden by Wise Folder Hider can only be viewed by launching the software using the password you created.

After launching the software, you can hide and unhide files and folders, and password-protect them so they will remain secure even when not hidden.

Also, this windows software can be used to hide content in a USB drive, click the ‘Hide USB Drive‘ option on the application main interface, then select the drive you want to hide, you can set a password to protect content hidden in the USB.

If you wish to uninstall this Windows software, you must make sure to remove the password you set for files and unhide everything you concealed with this software, otherwise you can never see the files again.

Key Features:
Password-protect folders and files.
Hide the entire folder and  hide selected files in a folder
Hide USB drive content
Context Menu Option to hide files or folders
Low System Resource Consumption & Completely Free.
This pro version offers extra features such as file/folder encryption, automatic password retrieval, and tech support.

If you have a folder/file on your PC that you want to keep private, the Wise Folder Hider Free version is enough to make it invisible and seal it with a double password.

Get Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.3.9:
For the Pro version simply download the preactivated installer from this link[3.9 MB]
Via, Wise, tech support