Author Topic: Accidentally Leaked Microsoft Windows 12 design...  (Read 228 times)

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Accidentally Leaked Microsoft Windows 12 design...
« on: October 15, 2022, 02:55:28 PM »
Leaked Microsoft Windows 12 The Microsoft Ignite 2022 keynote focused heavily on Microsoft 365, but there was one surprising element that may have gone unnoticed by many. During the online keynote, the company showed a screenshot briefly showing the Windows desktop running Microsoft Teams. However, according to the XDA Developers report, the desktop doesn't look much like the current version of Windows; potentially, it may be a future version of Windows, "what we assume will be called Windows 12". Zac Bowden of Windows Central confirmed that the screen design of the next new Windows was being promoted internally a few months ago when Microsoft hinted at the prototype design of a major version of Windows that could arrive in 2024. The report says a couple of other variations of this Windows prototype. This also includes a layout where UI elements display a translucent bar at the top of the screen. Even some Twitterers noticed big changes compared to the current design of Windows 11. For example, a floating taskbar at the bottom simply means that it is not stuck in one place on the screen. You can also see various pieces of information at the top of the screen, such as current weather updates, system icons like Wi-Fi, battery, and a search bar. "The goal with this new design approach is reportedly to optimize the UI further for touch users, without alienating mouse and keyboard users that make up the bulk of Windows users today," mentions the XDA Developers report. We should note that this is an expected prototype for Windows 12, which could change over a period of time before its release. Therefore, we will have to wait until the release date of Windows 12, which is expected to be released three years after the original release of Windows 11.
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